How to Manage your appointments

You can watch our video tutorial 

The Dashboard

In order to manage your appointments, you will need to open your Dashboard. access to a weekly, monthly and yearly view , and a quick view of your newly booked appointments. 

To change your calendar view between daily, weekly and monthly, click the calendar selection dropdown and select your preference; if you want to save this as your default view, click the small gear icon in the upper right and click Set as Default View.

Appointment Details

To view Appointment Details, click on an appointment from your Dashboard and click on an appointment. This gives you some info at a glance like appointment time, the staff member assigned to the service, basic customer info, and the ability to mark a few statuses of the appointment's progress.

Clicking on the service's name in blue, the platform will bring you to the "Appointment Details" screen, where you can see even more info about the client, comments and notes left by the customer, client history, and a full list of appointment actions and statuses. You can also edit the appointment itself by clicking the Edit button in the upper right corner.

Note: cancelling an appointment cannot be undone.

Book an Appointment from the Dashboard

In your dashboard, click on blue square with the "+” to manually book an appointment.  This will allow you to book a new appointment in Agendize straight from the dashboard. Follow the steps of the appointment or staff that you have chose to complete the appointment. By booking from the Dashboard, you have the ability to use "Free Mode" so break system logic and book outside of available hours.