The platform allows you to customize the reminders and the notifications sent automatically to your customers, staff members and manager (by email or text message). This following section will show you how.

1-Go to Dashboard at the top right corner

2-Click Settings

3- Click Messages templates

Messages Templates

Notifications to staffs

The title says it all, this allows you to personalize a cancel appointment that regards your staff. To do so click Client Appointment Cancel (1)which brings you to image (2).


2.    The following screen shot shows that you can edit the following:

  1. Name: You can change the message name, for internal purpose only: this will only be visible in the platform.
  2. Subject: This is the subject of the email that will be sent out.
  3. Email / text body: Customize here the content of the message that will be sent by the platform.
  4. Dynamic text: Dynamic texts are contents that will be automatically replaced by their value when the message is generated. For example, the dynamic text "{company address}" will be replaced by the actual address of your company.
  5. Attachement files: Attach files to your emails.

Notifications to Clients

This is very similar to staff notifations, simply click on one of the following messages that are sent to the clients and you can edit them just like the way you have edited for staffs.

Notifications to Managers

As you have seen with the two previous ones Notifications to Managers work the same way with fewer options. Allowing the manager of the Agendize app to be notified.