There are two integration methods to install Agendize tools-Self-service described here under, or for more technical implementations, such as Enterprise users of Agendize, we have a mature suite of external APIs as described in the point 7:


This hosted solution is a quick and easy way to implement all Agendize interaction tools. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can create a button in less than 5 minutes!

Getting Started!

First step is to sign up and log in to the Agendize dashboard. Select which interaction tool you would like to create a button for.

Customize your button by selecting different settings and appearance options., including colors and font types.

Save your button to get code that can easily be copy and pasted on any Website.

That's all you have to do! It's as simple as that! You're all set up to start engaging your online audience!

For further details, please visit our solutions page.