Synchronize an external calendar with ICS ou iCal (except Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365/Live)

A connector is available to synchronize with a Google Calendar or a Microsoft online calendar (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, For other types of calendars, you can associate an ICS URL (or ICAL) to link a staff member to an external calendar, so that no Agendize appointment is booked on a timeslot showing up as busy there. 

This solution is helpful when dealing with calendars such as Microsoft Exchange on premise, iCloud, Zimbra and more.

How to link a staff to an external appointment

First of all, retrieve the ICS URL in the external calendar (see instructions with Outlook for Microsoft Exchange on premise :

Then, go to the Agendize settings in Console > Settings > Staff), select the staff and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the External iCalendar URL to paste the ICS URL.

Now, the scheduling widget will check in real-time the availabilities of the staff through the ICS URL.

Display Agendize appointments in your external calendar software

Agendize generates ICS URL of all appointments of each staff and an ICS URL of all staffs of the company. You can get all ICS URL in Console > Settings > Calendar Sync.

An ICS URL is provided for each staff. You can subscribe to the ICS URL in your calendar software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar or Zimbra.

Both Agendize and the external calendar software will display busy timeslots from the other one.